Mark Sturgell

Mark Sturgell is a personal and business strategist who works with individuals, teams and organizations to overcome the challenges they face, improve performance and achieve breakthrough results by providing a no-nonsense structure and process for growth.

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Mark Sturgell's coaching through Performance Development Network ( focuses on individual, team and corporate growth and performance, providing process, structure and results to culture, team building, strategic planning and implementation, leadership development and values, facilitating your "difficult" meetings, and customized training focused on transferring classroom learning to workplace performance.


Mark's coaching through Lifting Arms Ministry is for pastors and other ministry leaders. He also provides leadership development, strategic planning, group facilitation and other services to churches and ministries.


His core belief is that most people have the basic skills and knowledge they need to succeed; developing the right attitudes, habits, goals and clarity of purpose drives greater success.


"Mark always asks the right questions that help me focus on what I want and how I need to move forward. As a result, I am more focused than I have ever been before." -- Dave Drook, Regional VP of Sales, Halo Lee Wayne


"His persistent efforts resulted in a highly effective strategic plan to overcome obstacles and stand the test of time." -- Kevin Frye, Vice President, RIMCO


"We hire Mark to do what no one else can do. I highly recommend Mark as a coach, facilitator, and instructor for those interested in stimulating leadership and enthusiasm for stimulating organizational change." -- Megan Devlin-Petty, Org Development Director, City of Bloomington

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Mark Sturgell develops leaders and teams with purpose, vision and results. I love time with my wife and boys, reading, outdoors, wild caving, small group involvement, Thai food -- how about some Thai asparagus, chicken with fresh basil over jasmine rice (medium+ spicy)?